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Factors of Social Vulnerability

According to Cutter et al. (2003), the following are factors of social vulnerability:

Concept Description
Socioeconomic status (income, political power, prestige) The ability to absorb losses and enhance resilience to hazard impacts. Wealth enables communities to absorb and recover from losses more quickly due to insurance, social safety nets, and entitlement programs
GenderWomen can have a more difficult time during recovery than men, often due to sector-specific employment, lower wages, and family care responsibilities
Race and ethnicityImposes language and cultural barriers that affect access to post-disaster funding and residential locations in high hazard areas
Age Extremes of the age spectrum affect the movement out of harm’s way. Parents lose time and money caring for children when daycare facilities are affected; elderly may have mobility constraints or mobility concerns increasing the burden of care and lack of resilience
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