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World Housing Encyclopedia

Report #: 15

1. World Housing Type

1.1 Building type: VH

  • Indigenous name for the housing type: VHICOA

1.2 Building type: VH

1.3 Region(s) Where Found: Santiago de Cuba

(Provide the name(s) of the region(s) where this housing type exists; the region might indicate state, province or a similar political entity; if possible, indicate percentage this housing type as a fraction of the entire housing stock in the region.)

1.4 Summary: Steel-braced frames

(Provide a brief summary of the housing type; the summary should include the description of building function, structural strengths and deficiencies, and expected seismic performance.)

1.5 How long has this construction type been practiced? Less than 25 years (2013, until today)

1.6 Building Occupancy: Residential, 10-19 units

2. Structural Features

2.1 Typical Number of Stories: 5

2.2 Plan Shape: Rectangular, solid

2.3 Type of Structural System: Steel: Braced frame: Concentric connections in all panels

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